How to Choose A Hematologist

Your general practitioner recommending seeing a hematologist can be stressful news to receive. Cancer immediately pops into some people’s heads when a hematologist is mentioned. A hematologist works alongside oncologists but focuses on blood disorders and diseases rather than cancer. How do you find the right hematologist for you? Our experts are some of the best hematologists in NJ and have great tips on what to look for in a specialist.


The best rule of thumb when looking for any kind of service is getting a referral list. For a hematologist, reach out to your primary care doctor and family members who have experience with hematologists and see who they had good experiences with. Once you have a full referral list, research each hematologist’s practice and see what works best for you. Narrow it down to a few options then set up consultations before you make a final choice.

Hematologist’s Credentials

Once you narrow down your potential options, look into the hematologist’s credentials. The biggest factor is board certification. Board certification speaks upon the necessary training, skills, and experience that can provide the most comprehensive care possible all within one certification. It is important to also look at a hematologist’s claim history as well. Be sure that your hematologist has no record of malpractice or disciplinary actions. Many state websites have databases that house all the information you need.


We are not claiming that gender determines how good someone is at their job. However, comfortability with your specialist is extremely important. Depending on why you are going to the hematologist initially, private and personal information may have to be discussed. Certain hematologists also specialize in specific genders since some blood disorders are more prevalent in certain genders. This is an important consideration to make note of.

Patient Reviews

With many things, reviews can be very insightful and helpful. Patient reviews can give you an understanding of the communication style, office environment, scheduling, and so forth. There is a review out there for anything that sheds light on your deciding factors. You can learn how well patients trust the practice, how much time they spend on the patient, and turnaround time for questions.

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