Tips For Supporting A Loved One With Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis can not only be hard on the person facing it but the loved ones surrounding them as well. The support system of a person facing breast cancer is extremely crucial to have alongside for the journey of beating it. There are millions of breast cancer survivors around the world. Many of them had a combination of a strong support system, medical care, and lifestyle changes. Our South Jersey breast cancer treatment specialists provided some guidance on how to support your loved one while they live with breast cancer.

Visiting Your Loved One

The initial breast cancer diagnosis can be very troublesome and mentally draining. Early on, it is extremely important to show support by visiting your loved one and spending quality time with them. A lot of research shows that women with more social activity are more likely to go into remission than socially dormant women. Try to set up a way to regularly visit your loved one and be understanding of their situation. It is important to not force your way into their space but extend the offering.

Stay In Touch

If your loved one is not able to meet frequently due to appointments and other plans, make sure you utilize all channels of communication. Texting, calling, sending cards, and video chatting can be extremely beneficial. Check-ins with one another help a lot with coping with the mental aspects of breast cancer. As a piece of their support system, it is your job to listen and comfort them with any questions they might have.

Helping Out With Daily Tasks

When you are undergoing treatment for cancer, daily tasks can become difficult to stay on top of. Don’t be overbearing and do everything for the person, but make sure they know a helping hand is available. Always listen and see what concerns they are struggling with before just doing random household chores. Comfortability is extremely important.

Gift Giving

Gifts can be a wonderful way to uplift the spirits of a loved one with breast cancer. Gifts are a great way to express your love for them while providing something that offers immediate joy. Some great gift ideas are movies, books, blankets, homemade meals, and anything handcrafted.

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