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What Makes A Good Hematologist

A lot of dedication, motivation, and intelligence is required to become one of NJ’s Best Hematologists. Years of undergraduate and graduate school are required to get your Ph.D. in hematology. The day you walk down the aisle doesn’t make you a good hematologist. There are a lot of qualities outside of where and when you […]

What To Know About At-Home DNA Testing

At-home DNA testing has become one of the most convenient ways to conduct a health screen. With health and time restraints in place at times, at-home DNA testing can be super helpful. At-home testing has drawbacks, however. Concerns regarding accuracy and functionality are always on the board when it comes to at-home health testing. Here […]

What Is Immunotherapy?

Many therapies have been developed by research institutes and hospitals to treat cancer. The cancer stage and type heavily determine what therapies are available for you to use when fighting against cancer. One of the most innovative therapies that are commonly used is immunotherapy. Over the last couple of decades, immunotherapy advancements have become an […]

What Sets Us Apart – Meet Our Specialists

Comprehensive Cancer & Hematology Specialists is a specialty practice of some of the best hematologists in NJ as well as medical oncologists that offer patients complete assistance throughout their journey. Our integrative practices of hematology and oncology allow for our team to provide treatment plans that can be hard to come by from other cancer […]