How to Choose A Hematologist

Your general practitioner recommending seeing a hematologist can be stressful news to receive. Cancer immediately pops into some people’s heads when a hematologist is mentioned. A hematologist works alongside oncologists but focuses on blood disorders and diseases rather than cancer. How do you find the right hematologist for you? Our experts are some of the best hematologists in NJ and have great tips on what to look for in a specialist.

What is hematololgy

What Does A Hematologist Do?

A hematologist is a medical specialist that is concerned with the studying of the cause, prognosis, and treatment of diseases related to the blood. With blood borne diseases and disorders being some of the most difficult to fight, a recommendation or referral to hematologist can cause concern for you and your loved ones. However, a hematologist is one of the most highly trained medical professions that can be found in hospitals,