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What To Know About At-Home DNA Testing

At-home DNA testing has become one of the most convenient ways to conduct a health screen. With health and time restraints in place at times, at-home DNA testing can be super helpful. At-home testing has drawbacks, however. Concerns regarding accuracy and functionality are always on the board when it comes to at-home health testing. Here is what top NJ cancer treatment centers think about at-home DNA testing and cancer detection.

What Is Immunotherapy Blog

What Is Immunotherapy?

Many therapies have been developed by research institutes and hospitals to treat cancer. The cancer stage and type heavily determine what therapies are available for you to use when fighting against cancer. One of the most innovative therapies that are commonly used is immunotherapy. Over the last couple of decades, immunotherapy advancements have become an amazing way to treat cancer.

What To Know About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that affect people around the world today. Fortunately, a lot of research and advancements are being done every day regarding breast cancer. More forms of testing and medicine are being developed that aid the control and treatment of breast cancer. Our medical oncologists in NJ detailed some important things to know when preventing and treating breast cancer.

Resources & Programs For Cancer Patients

The mental and physical journey to beat cancer can be a lot to take on. Between the various treatment plans and financial burdens, it can really be hard to focus on the goal at hand. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help cancer patients to allow them to focus on beating cancer rather than all the moving parts outside of that.

Tips For Supporting A Loved One With Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis can not only be hard on the person facing it but the loved ones surrounding them as well. The support system of a person facing breast cancer is extremely crucial to have alongside for the journey of beating it. There are millions of breast cancer survivors around the world. Many of them had a combination of a strong support system,

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What You Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a serious form of cancer that affects older men each and every year. Among those affected, 60% of cases are in men over the age of 65. In 2019, it was estimated that 174,650 American men were diagnosed with some form of prostate cancer.

The prostate is located in a man’s lower abdomen and is a small gland that is associated with a man’s reproductive system.

A Brief History of Cancer Treatment NJ Surgeries

Surgeries in Cancer Treatment: A Brief History

The views and procedures of treating cancer through surgeries date back thousands of years where some of the greatest minds in medicine came together often to discuss their findings. Treatments of cancers through surgical procedures can be seen discussed in books from around the 2nd century where ancient physicians and surgeons like Galen and Celsus,

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What Sets Us Apart – Meet Our Specialists

Comprehensive Cancer & Hematology Specialists is a specialty practice of some of the best hematologists in NJ as well as medical oncologists that offer patients complete assistance throughout their journey. Our integrative practices of hematology and oncology allow for our team to provide treatment plans that can be hard to come by from other cancer specialists in the area.

Target Therapy for Cancer

Targeted Therapy for Cancer

The decision on how to treat you or your loved one’s diagnosis can be a challenging process that may be the last thing on your mind when battling cancer. As health and science innovate each and every day, many options for treatment are available that have increased effectiveness in certain situations. One of the available treatments is targeted therapy,