Many chemotherapy treatments can cause hair loss. We know how devastating this can be. CCHS offers DigniCap as a treatment to help minimize hair loss from certain chemotherapy treatments.

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What is DigniCap?

The DigniCap cooling systems provide a safe solution to minimize hair loss during chemo-related treatments. DigniCap is a computerized cooling unit that is managed through a state-of-the-art touch screen display and an attached cooling cap makes up the DigniCap Scalp Cooling system. The cooling cap channels and circulates temperature-regulated coolant through specially designed channels within the cooling cap. The effectiveness and consistency of DigniCap are driven by the ability to maintain continuous, direct contact between the cooling cap and scalp.

The DigniCap Delta and DigniCap C3 are the only two models that fall under the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System. The machine and caps differ from each other, but both systems provide effective scalp cooling.

CE Mark 2009, FDA cleared 2015 – DigniCap C3

FDA cleared and CE Mark 2019 – DigniCap Delta

How Does It Work?

The DigniCap system consists of a fitted silicone cap that covers the patient’s head to provide temperature control to prevent chemo-related treatments from reaching hair follicles. Hair loss can have negative side effects such as reduced self-esteem, loss of privacy, and so forth. It is important to make the journey of treating your diagnosis as comfortable as possible. According to the FDA, the DigniCap cooling systems are some of the most effective on the market (67% success rate), making it a viable solution to reduce hair loss during chemo-related treatments. Comprehensive Cancer & Hematology Specialists are one of the few medical oncologists in NJ that offer the DigniCap cooling system.

How DigniCap Impacted Users

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